El Guapo” himself, Bas Rutten chimed in last night via twitter on the ongoing Alistair Overeem debacle. According to the former UFC and Pancrase champ, his fellow Dutchmen Overeem is likely to still be fighting for the UFC heavyweight title on May 26, despite failing a surprise PED’s test with 14:1 elevated testosterone levels.

Bas Rutten ‏ @BasRuttenMMA
I hear we still might c the JDS/Overeem fight? Haha, awesome. Let me get more info

johnathan willis ‏ @crunchless
that’s a ridiculous message to send, having the man who just failed a drug test fighting for the title is bad juju #armyofdoom

Bas Rutten ‏ @BasRuttenMMA
i know it’s freaking insane, cheating and maybe still fighting? But this is America, and crap like that happens, JDS can set it straight though if it happens. Let me get more info first, but that’s news I received.

Patrick Thorne ‏ @PhatPatDaKlepto
Let Reem keep juicing, and let JDS use brass knuckles. Seems fair to me.

Bas Rutten ‏ @BasRuttenMMA
u can’t juice the jaw!

chris boyce ‏ @tsdstud
interesting… I’m pretty torn on it if ubereem is actually found to have been cheating though

Bas Rutten ‏ @BasRuttenMMA
He did, we know this now, but in America we heard the story of a burglar who injured himself while breaking in, got money from the victims, it’s insane, the law is BS. Let JDS be the judge IF it happens

George H. ‏ @halitosisMMA
In fact, JDS could be Overeem’s punishment

Bas Rutten ‏ @BasRuttenMMA

Bas Rutten ‏ @BasRuttenMMA
I think it’s BS also, but we have heard crazier things. I thought the NSAC was simply gonna deny his fight permit maybe they still can, I

Bas Rutten ‏ @BasRuttenMMA
Just inform you guys of news that I heard, wanna keep you “in the loop”. We will see, asaih something, I let u guys know

RichF ‏ @Liberty8691
they’re going to let overroid fight? how’s he going to wiggle out of this one?

Bas Rutten ‏ @BasRuttenMMA
I hear a “technicality” butlers just wait and c what happens, I let you guys know.

unknownpharoah ‏ @unknownpharoah1
c’mon Bas im one of your biggest fans but your clear dislike and agenda with @Alistairovereem is not a good look for you.

Bas Rutten ‏ @BasRuttenMMA
did exactly the same with anybody else who tested positive, if u r indeed a big fan, u should know that

Bas Rutten ‏ @BasRuttenMMA
tell me what I did different then I did with other fighters who tested positive? Would live to hear that

What Rutten may be referring to is the rumors currently making the rounds that Overeem will be receiving a therapeutic fight exemption for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which would grant him a license for the upcoming fight with a doctors note. The ‘technicality’ could also be referring to the fact that Overeem was ‘technically’ not licensed for the upcoming fight and was tested with a temporary license status. The details of what this could mean will be revealed at the upcoming NSAC hearing on April 24.