Renan Barao continues his lengthy win streak with a win over the former WEC champ, Urijah Faber to become the interim bantamweight champ at UFC 149 in Calgary, Alberta. Here is the full play-by-play.

Round One:
Barao looks to be already testing the low legs. Faber rushes in and Barao able to counter. High kick blocked by Barao. Spinning back kick missed for Barao. Spinning back kick lands to the head for Barao. Followed up with a straight kick and a jumping knee on Faber. Faber ducks a hook and looks to counter but comes up short. Another spinning back kick but missed for Barao. Straight right lands for Urijah.

Round Two:
Barao misses high kick. Eye poke by Faber causes Ref. to stop them briefly. They reset quickly and Barao gets flashy with a spinning back kick to flying knee that stifles Faber. Barao returns to low leg kicks. Head kick just misses Faber. Faber lands a right hook. Barao looks unaffected. Both men start to exchange, and Barao finishes with a right leg kick that looks to have injured Faber as he stumbles back. One more landed in the same spot as the round ends.

Round Three:
A combination lands on Faber and Faber quickly rushes forward. Takedown attempt stopped by Barao. Right lands for Urijah. Faber lands a front kick to the midsection. Straight right lands again for Urijah. Flying knee misses for Barao. Leg kicks adding up as Barao targets the legs. Faber attempts a takedown and no luck. Uppercut combo lands for Faber. Right lands for Barao and followed by a viscous leg kick. Faber looks to strike but Barao is easily avoiding most.

Round Four:
Hand battle as they feel each other out. Faber looks to mix up his striking to the midsection, but Barao is not sticking around as he back steps. Eye poke on Faber and they take a quick break. Right lands for Urijah. Spinning head kick caught by Faber but Barao able to balance himself out and escape with his leg. No significant lands as another round is in the books.

Round Five:
Faber tries to catch a leg kick and Barao pulls it back quickly. Counter left lands for Barao. Faber grabs the leg kick again but unable to do anything with it. Barao starts to hold out his hand. Faber plays the game grabbing the hand and Barao lights up Faber with two rights. They do it again and Faber lands a superman punch.  Barao toys with Faber, bouncing around with his hands out as the time winds down.

Official: Renan Barao wins over Urijah Faber via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 49-46)

Earning his unimaginable 29th straight victory in MMA, Barao may now be a favorite in the likely title unification bout between himself and current bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz on his return from ACL surgery.