For fans that weren’t familiar with Ali Bagautinov, it didn’t take long for the Russian to demonstrate why he’s nicknamed “Puncher” in his Octagon debut, as he dropped Marcus Vinicius shortly into their UFC FN 28 bout. Although the Brazilian battled back (to his credit), Bagautinov went on to finish the fight in round three to lock up his ninth straight win.

So what did Bagautinov think of his performance? While speaking to MMA recently, here’s what the highly touted flyweight had to say about his first UFC scrap.

“Initial plans were to finish him off in the first round,”the Sambo fighter said. “It didn’t go according to plans because I only started warming out in the second round and what I originally planned for the first round only started in the second one. But overall I’m happy, of course. It’s my UFC debut and I won by knockout, that’s as good as it gets.”

It definitely was a memorable debut, not only because of the power Bagautinov demonstrated, but also because of the grappling skills he showcased. And as far as who the flyweight wants to fight next? Bagautinov offered this noteworthy comment:

“I don’t care who I’m fighting, I don’t care where I’m fighting,” the 28 year-old fighter said. “I just have one goal in the UFC, and that is winning the championship belt. It’s pretty simple.”

Not easy perhaps, but simple. Title aspirations aside, it will be interesting to see who the UFC brass books to fight the “Puncher”in his second Octagon appearance. Of Bagautinov’s 11 victories to date, he’s secured 9 of them via submission or stoppage. That’s a pretty impressive finishing rate (and further refutes the idea 125’ers don’t finish fights).

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