In this exclusive interview with ESPN, B.J. Penn discusses what’s next for him. Retirement is still an option, but coming back is very possible too. Penn stated that as of right now, he’s enjoying his time to relax, live a normal life and find himself.

“I’m enjoying my time away from the sport. That’s where I am right now, I’m living a regular life instead of living the roller coaster. I haven’t [lived a normal life] in 15 years.

“I’m trying to find myself a little bit — not as a fighter trying to come back to the sport but just as a person.”

And when it comes to retirement, Penn says he doesn’t think about it much, and when he does, it’s mostly about the past and how could have done better in different fights.

“I just honestly sit back and reflect and look at how it went. I really do feel I could have done a lot better in a lot of different situations. I’m heartbroken with the way some of the fights went. The way my UFC 94 fight [against Georges St. Pierre] and my fights with Frankie Edgar went, I’m heartbroken about those fights.

“I feel I could have made better choices, but I don’t feel a major urge that I’ve got to go fix that right now.”

So when can we expect to see B.J. Penn back in the Octagon? Well, he pretty much said what we’ve all been thinking;

“I want to tell [my fans] that their guess is as good as mine,.  don’t know.”