Far from official, it looks like BJ Penn may be ready to return to the octagon now. Recently retired, B.J. Penn has turned down an offer to fight Gilbert Melendez, and Josh Koscheck who admitted he was told to ‘stir things up.’ The previous offers to fight may have not been enough to lure Penn back, because as Penn puts it, he’s not looking for just a big name, but a deserving fight. Monday, Rory MacDonald commented on the prospect of fighting BJ Penn which he said would “be a really great opportunity” to fight the former two division champ before he was gone from the sport forever. Now, it looks like he may have the chance.

BJ recently posted on his twitter, Rory, I accept your challenge!So, it looks like the prodigy is planning to return to the octagon against current welterweight champion GSP’s star training partner. Penn has not been seen in the cage since the shellacking he received at the hands of Nick Diaz. Rory is currently 4-1 in the UFC with his only loss coming from current interim champion Carlos Condit. No contracts have been signed, but look for Dana White to jump at the chance to bring back one of the biggest draws they have back to the promotion.