Ben Askren’s approach to fighting may not be every fan’s thing, but the Bellator welterweight champ is certainly good at grabbing headlines with his words, which inevitably could help him secure a new deal with the UFC. Since it’s been revealed that Bellator may not look to resign the decorated wrestler and undefeated fighter after all, Askren’s been fielding a few questions about his prospects in the UFC, and of course, it’s champ Georges St. Pierre.

Case in point, Askren recently spoke with, and “Funky” had the following to say about St. Pierre and the champion’s vaunted wrestling skills (as transcribed by MMA

“The notion that he’s the best wrestler is insane to me. He’s got a great double leg and good timing, but just watching him, you see a lot of areas he’s just not a natural wrestler. He doesn’t flow as well as other wrestlers. If Johny Hendricks is training his wrestling, which that’s a mistake that a lot of wrestlers make is they get out of it and they think they got to get better at striking and jiu jitsu and they totally forget about their wrestling. I did that for a couple of months earlier in my career and I learned. But they totally step away from wrestling and they get so rusty and they lose a lot of those battles. If Johny Hendricks is staying on point and getting some wrestling in, which hopefully he’s smart enough to do, he’ll definitely outwrestle Georges St. Pierre.”

Askren also noted that if he gets signed by the UFC, he “would go straight for Georges St. Pierre”, as he doesn’t believe there’s a “clear cut challenger” after Hendricks (who GSP will fight on November 16th). Now would Askren be tapped for an immediate title shot, if in fact, he ends up being brought into the UFC? That’s not likely. Hector Lombard wasn’t tapped to fight Anderson Silva when he came over from Bellator, and at the time, the punishing middleweight was stopping the opposition left, right and center. Would Askren get booked to fight a top contender though? That’s pretty much certain.

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