Another iteration of the (painfully) long-running reality show “The Ultimate Fighter” debuted this week on Fight Pass – this one dubbed TUF: Latin America 2 and featuring as opposing coaches Kelvin Gastelum and Efrain Escudero. Never mind that the names of the competitors are complete unknowns and could be fighting anonymously on a Bellator prelim bout that no one ever sees, because TUF stopped being about finding top up-and-coming talent years ago. Nope, it’s all about creating content targeted to a particular market, and TUF is that bottom-tier content the UFC uses to build up potential ticket- and pay-per-view buyers in a region that has shown interest in the sport.

In case you missed it (or in case you care), here’s the promo for TUF: Latin America 2:

So are you watching all the permutations of TUF that air? Are you one of those superfans who keeps up on everything the UFC churns out, and scrutinizes even those TUF episodes that are mostly foreign languages and subtitles? If so, bravo. Bravo, dude. You’re something special.

Now take notes and let us know if anything important happens over the next 12 weeks.