UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is extending the olive branch to Vitor Belfort, a one-time challenger to his title belt.

Jones, who is crossing the world as of late, told Brazil’s Combate that he will make a pit stop in Miami to work with Belfort later this week.

“I’m planning to train with Vitor on Friday in Miami,” he said. “I’m meeting him in a private gym. We’ll train together, see if we have good chemistry and maybe we’ll becoming training partners in the future.”

Jones, a current member of Jackson’s MMA in New Mexico, said that Belfort would not be joining the camp as far as he knew. “The Phenom” is enlisted with the Blackzilians in Florida.

He looked for me, called me,” Jones said. “(Belfort) said he’d like to train with me. We might become training partners in the future.”

In 2012, Jones scored a fourth round submission victory over Belfort for his fourth successful title defense. Early in the fight, Belfort caught him in an armbar, but was unable to secure the hold.

Since the loss to Jones, Belfort has won three straight – all via finish – in his native home of Brazil. However, after agreeing to face Chris Weidman for the middleweight title, he was removed from the match when the UFC and several other athletic commissions decided to ban the use of TRT.

Belfort had been granted exemptions to use TRT for several of his fights, including his three most recent wins.

On Twitter late Wednesday, Belfort provided an explanation surrounding his training with Jones.

“I want to clear the air that on the rumor of me training with Jon Jones. The office that represent me wanted to use Jon for a commercial in Brazil so I called Malki (Kawa),” Belfort posted. “He was with Jon at the time and Jon got on the phone to talk with me. We had a friendly talk and he said let’s train one day and I said sure one day let’s train. It wasn’t a serious talk about training.

“I am a Blackzilian and I am not training with Jon. He is a great guy and I admire him but the media taking to far.”