Mark Hunt absorbed a hellacious beating at the UFC Fight Night installment that took place in Australia last weekend. A hellacious beating. But in a recent interview with a local New Zealand news outlet, he said he took his beating like a man.

“It was a hard night in the office, but I took the beating like a man,” said Hunt.

“I got caught fighting with my energy levels down and you can’t make this mistake at the top level.”

Hunt says that his injuries aren’t as bad as they appear, joking that with a bit of make-up you wouldn’t know he was hurt.

“We always get a bad rap about our sport, but sometimes it just happens with fighting.

“There is nothing wrong with me, I just look bad. The UFC look after you really well, checking you up, but I’m good.

“It’s not an easy way to make a living, it was a hard night at the office, but I accept my outcome as a fighter.”

Okay, so if he “took his beating like a man”, you have to wonder: do men tend to get beaten up really bad in New Zealand? Do they have a higher standard of what a beating usually is? ‘Cause that looks like the result of an attempted murder to me.

(Hat tip to BloodyElbow for the link.)