Since the “Human Highlight Reel,” Anthony Pettis was declined a title shot against former WEC adversary Benson Henderson, he has been on the hunt for a new contender. That new contender may just be dominating UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo according to Pettis’ manager (via UFC Tonight).

“I spoke to Anthony’s manager just a few hours ago and he told me that he was really disappointed, but he respects the decision. He would consider going down to 145 to fight Aldo. This is definitely something to monitor.”

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The fight would help the UFC tremendously as a clear cut top contender in the division has not been solidified. With Pettis’ unique Tae Kwon Do background, the organization may feel this is a new challenge for Aldo that may not be as one-sided as other bouts for the 145 lb. belt have been as of late.

Pettis currently an impressive 15-2 in his mixed martial arts career and with an astounding highlight reel behind him it would likely be an easy sell for the UFC. Pettis would  have his hands filled however as Aldo has not lost a fight since Nov. 2005. With WEC title defenses included, the champ has defended six times with arguably all fights being one-sided decision or by spectacular finish.