Dana White was at first reluctant to say, but it looks like Anthony Pettis texted the UFC president asking for a match with Jose Aldo. Although this fight seems crazy when you first hear it, it is not that bad of a match-up. Both Aldo and Pettis are some of the most dynamic and inventive strikers in the lighter weight classes, Pettis is smaller for the lightweight division, and he may want to prove he is the best at jumping off the cage and attacking after Aldo’s Superman punch at the end of the Brazilian’s fight with Frankie Edgar.

Pettis was all but promised a bout against lightweight champion Benson Henderson, but he may not want to sit out to wait for the fight between Gilbert Melendez and Henderson to happen first. The fight between Melendez and Henderson takes place at UFC on FOX 7 on April 20th. With recovery time, Pettis may not get his title shot at 155 pounds until July at the earliest. With him winning a week ago, and Aldo’s win here, the timeline does match up. What do you think of that call out, fans? Is it the fight you want to see next for both fighters?