Erstwhile UFC lightweight champ Anthony Pettis has been caught with a banned cereal substance. As the Instagram below shows, Pettis, who won his belt by handily defeating Benson Henderson via armbar at UFC 164 last August, was seen by athletic commission officials eating a bowl of Wheaties just prior to getting into the cage for a fight.

While current medical studies have yet to conclude that eating a breakfast cereal comprised of wheat and bran baked into flakes before fighting provides any sort of advantage, it is still frowned upon.

Pettis has yet to release a statement on the matter, but the renowned breakfast food company – whose boxes have throughout the years displayed the faces of prominent athletes – made no effort to come to the fighter’s defense. In fact, Wheaties went so far as to tweet their allegiance to Pettis yesterday – a move that is sure to aggravate both the UFC and the athletic commission.