I’m a fan of well-written prose, and though that sort of stuff hangs out at the high-end media outlets and rarely touches our sport, when great writing and MMA does cross paths it makes for some must-read articles.

This time it’s the Wall Street Journal churning out the goodies.

Obviously, the topic is Conor McGregor, who won big on Saturday night and has got the whole world talking.

Here’s a sample:

Big talk isn’t new to the fight game, of course, since it relies so hard on generating interest for tickets and pay-per-view buys. In the months leading up to Aldo vs. McGregor, UFC president Dana White compared McGregor’s talent for verbal head games with Muhammad Ali’s, a comment White knew would drive some fans crazy, and did. That’s what promoters do to make you push that “buy” button on Saturday.

White owns one of the brasher mouths in sports, but in McGregor, he may have met his loquacious match. As McGregor’s trainer John Kavanagh told me: “If Conor is having a chicken wrap and you ask him, ‘How’s that?’, he’s going to give you the most incredible description of a sandwich you’ve ever heard in your life.”

Read the rest. It’s a refreshing break from TMZ-flavored newsbites and shallow hits.