Versus announced on their website yesterday that they were renewing their multi-year contract with WEC, which will include seven live WEC fights as well as two live UFC events in 2010.

The new contract now includes digital media rights; “giving VERSUS.com the ability to air one non-televised fight and behind-the-scenes footage from each live WEC Event.”  And according to Versus Ariel Helwani, they will continue to air WrekCAGE, highlights of past events and other additional programming.

Even though Versus is a separate broadcaster, that doesn’t mean Spike TV is unhappy with the change.

Yesterday Spike TV spokesperson David Schwarz said that he feels anything that’s good for MMA is good for Spike TV.

“We feel anything that helps expand the sport is good for Spike as we are the longterm home of the UFC, who are tremendous partners to work with.”

Oddly enough, many fans didn’t know that UFC  has had the option to air up to four additional events on cable stations other than Spike TV, but they just chose not to until now.

Many sources also say that UFC has spoken to ESPN executives on many occasions about carrying their events, but nothing has come of it as of yet.