If living well is the best revenge, then holy cow has Andrei Arlovski gotten the best revenge on former foe Tim Sylvia.

Last night, at UFC on FOX 16, Arlovski posted this pic to Instagram.

We were once enemies; now, no more. #AndreiThePitBULLArlovski #AndreiArlovski #mma #ufc

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If you’ll recall, Arlovski beat Sylvia to become UFC heavyweight champ way back in UFC 51. The two rematched twice, with Sylvia winning both times, and then they eventually left the promotion to walk different paths (Sylvia’s path was apparently to the buffet).

Now look at them. Arlovski is back to his winning way in the Octagon, while Sylvia still hasn’t left the buffet (not seen off camera: a portable buffet).

I’d say that though Arlovski may have lost a couple of the battles, he ultimately won the war.