UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub made some controversial comments about the UFC’s new anti-doping policies last week on his podcast — namely, that Brazilian fighters “ain’t doing too well” since random PED testing became the norm.

Yesterday, a response came from Andre Pederneiras, the head trainer at one of Brazil’s most successful MMA academies, Nova União.

According to Pederneiras, Schaub is simply a “mediocre” athlete blaming others for his own failures:

Accusing my fighters of doing steroids is, at least, jealousy for their results — results we never saw and will never see in your career, Mr. Schaub. Don’t try to throw dirt in clean person’s careers, people that worked hard throughout their entire lives. We have no fault for your failure as a fighter and athlete. I ask you to get back to your insignificance in this sport. Clean your mouth before mentioning a Brazilian or an athlete from my team, because the name of my country and my fighters can’t be said by mediocre people like you.

Pederneiras claims he asked for further testing for the (eventually cancelled) featherweight title bout between his student Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor before the new policy was implemented. With the bout said to be scheduled for later this year, Pederneiras repeated his request:

So I ask the UFC, Dana and Lorenzo Fertitta again: test Aldo and McGregor at least three times a week, for three months before the fight, and I will pay for the costs, as I promised them every time I asked them to do this.

The complete statement was translated into English by Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting. It originally appeared at Brazilian website Combate.