The most desired ‘super-fight’ in the UFC – Anderson Silva versus Jon Jones looks less and less likely as Anderson again refutes all reports of the possible match-up during yesterday’s press phone conference for UFC 153. With Anderson getting ready to go to battle against Stephan Bonnar on late notice, it seems Bonnar is Silva’s main focus as he admits that he is taking the bout as a serious threat to his legacy.

“There’s always been a lot of talks about me moving up to 205,” he said through an interpreter. “I know Dana [White] has talked about it a lot. All the fans have talked about me moving up and facing Jon Jones. But it’s something I’ve never wanted. I won’t be pretentious to say that I’d want to move up, especially because there are other guys in that weight class on our team like [Rafael] ‘Feijao’ Cavalcante and [Antonio Rogerio] ”Minotoro” Nogueira. There are other guys who could potentially face Jon Jones in the future. What got me this far is I’m grounded. My weight class is 185. I’m 37 years old and I feel I need to be honest and continue what I’ve built, which is to keep defending my belt at 185.”

In the past a younger Anderson Silva was seen as ‘selfish’ as he toyed with opponent and infuriated his boss in front of his new partners in Abu Dhabi. Now at the age of 37 as he points out, he is now a loyal company man, willing to step in late notice and risk his status for the good of the company.

“Definitely, I’ve got that responsibility on my back,” he said. “I’m part of the UFC family and I believe that everyone can do what they can do to help. It was the case where the event might have been canceled, and I was just doing my part. If I felt I couldn’t do that or everyone came together and said I wasn’t in condition to do that, I wouldn’t have done it. But in that situation, I felt like I could step up and save the show.”