WHATS UP FIGHT FANS! If you are yet to witness the comical satire of The Tommy Toe Hold Show (TTTHS) aka triple-t-h-s, then you’re missing out on the best cartoon interviewer in the game today. Granted — he’s the only one, but like Chael Sonnen winning the Oregon Republican primary, we applaud a man who can take pride in something no one else cares to do.

In this weeks episode (yup, shows weekly) we get a recap of the recent jaw dropping knockout of Spider G.O.A.T. Anderson Silva at UFC 162 by Chris Weiner (Weidman). The reenactment as a Mike Tyson Punch-out parody pretty much tells the tale verbatim in 10 seconds. Also, Frankie Edgar drops in to demand yet another rematch. Sure he won his bout against Charles Oliveira, however following disappointing after-party appetizers, the former champ had enough.

The new middleweight champ also dropped in with his now famed trainer “Crazy Eyes” Ray Longo. Obviously, being Italian, Weiner, I mean Weidman continued to fulfill every Guido stereotype he could in 10 seconds. I’ll let you finish the rest without my foul attempts of witty commentary. SUCK IT TREBECK!