Denial” is a psychological defense mechanism where the mind refuses, for whatever reason, to accept reality and instead hold fantasy as truth. Examples include someone refusing to believe that their wife is cheating on them despite clear evidence that she is, or someone holding on to the belief that everything is okay at work while refusing to acknowledge the blatant signs that they’re about to be fired (i.e., their access has been turned off, and their desk and personal effects have been moved out to the parking lot). Another example of denial is Brazilian legend Anderson Silva’s statements that UFC middleweight champ did not actually defeat him – a skewed version of facts that is now being perpetuated by Silva’s manager, Ed Soares.

“Hats off to Chris Weidman, he beat Anderson Silva twice,” said Soares in an interview with The Hollywood MMA Show. “He won the fight. I wouldn’t say he beat him, but he won the fight.”

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If it’s hard to wrap your head around the notion that someone being carted out of the Octagon with a broken leg, screaming in pain, is not “beaten”, well, don’t worry, you’re not alone. No rational person would see that situation as anything else but one fighter beaten by another. But hey, we’re not the ones living in denial, are we?