When I was a kid, there was a television show called “The Six Million Dollar Man“, which told of the exploits of a pilot who had crashed and been repaired with cybernetic enhancements (this was high-concept stuff back in the 70s). Because he had robotic legs, the main character  – Steve Austin – could run as fast as a car, and his lone lab-made arm and eye gave him additional strength and telescopic vision. Essentially, there was no way the Six Million Dollar Man would’ve been licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission to compete in mixed martial arts – you know, unfair advantages and all that.

So the question remains: Since Anderson Silva has made mention of wanting to come back to the Octagon, will that metal rod inserted into his leg give him… something extra? Will the man who was already pretty damn deadly now be one step closer to becoming an actual Terminator?

Um, no.

Brett Okamoto of ESPN.com talked to Dr. Timothy Trainor about this very topic.

“To my knowledge, there are absolutely no scientific studies that have ever been done to prove someone gains an unfair advantage in any kind of sport after they have a metal rod inserted to a bone,” Trainor told ESPN.com.

“Can I tell you he can kick harder with that rod? Absolutely not. Do I think he can? No, I do not. The rod is in the middle of the hollow bone. It’s not going to change the force he kicks with. That’s still based on muscles.”

Dr. Trainor goes on to explain that the rod inserted into Silva’s does not change the fact that the bone absorbs the impact of a thrown kick. All the rod does is prevent that break from happening again.

And there you have it. When Silva recovers and makes his return, he’ll still be the same human we know and love.