Could it be true? According to Brazil outlet Tatame Magazine (Portuguese), Blackhouse manager Jorge Guimarães and Ed Soares are currently in negotiations with the UFC to finalize a match-up between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman for July 6th in Rio, Brazil. The source has also followed up with Weidman’s manager Dave Martin, verifying that the UFC has contacted them with the offer.

The undisputed champion will be looking to make his 11th straight title defense and his 17 straight victory. No other fighter in the promotion has a longer running record, while also carrying the most knockout of the night awards. The top rated pound-for-pound great was last seen taking out Stephan Bonnar with a TKO (knee to the body) finish at UFC 153 in October.

Chris Weidman will no doubt be a heavy underdog, as anyone would, but he is also the only contender standing without a recent blemish. Currently undefeated, Weidman stands at a perfect 9-0. Last seen taking out former contender, Mark Munoz in spectacular fashion with a elbow punch that put Munoz out cold. Weidman is truly a new breed of mixed martial artist that may just have what it takes to test Silva.


Sports Editor Mark La Monica of NewsDay Sports has just tweeted this (Mar. 6):

Lorenzo Fertitta just told @ChrisWeidmanUFC in Albany that he spoke to Anderson Silva and the fight is on for July 4 weekend.

Even more interesting is the fact that Chris Weidman himself retweeted it.