As MMA becomes a bigger and more well-known sport, many of the top fighters have reached superstar status in fans minds’. Anderson Silva, rated top pound for pound is definitely is no exception, so you can imagine how training with him would feel.

Warlley Alves, 21. began training at X-Gym nine months ago, and has had the privilege of working with Silva.

“Training MMA with Anderson is like playing soccer with Ronaldinho or [Lionel] Messi,” Alves said. “Without a doubt, it is one of the greatest gifts God has given me. I must confess, I was impressed by his humility. He’s always ready to help all of those around him.”

A few weeks back, Alves convinced Silva to teach him a signature move, the backdoor leg kick. At first Silva said no, but finally gave in to his young student’s request.

“If this is something you can do, you’ll make a fool out of me,” Silva said. “It works, but this is one of the things I’ve been doing since I was a child.”

Check out the video of the two below:

Source: Sherdog