When you have a high pitched voice and dress sharp in a country where testosterone levels are peaked, you’re going to be thought to be batting for the other team. That’s what Anderson Silva says he dealt with in his younger years in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“A lot of people thought I was gay,” Anderson Silva admits.

It didn’t help that the champ grew up close to his sister whom he let dress him up in girls clothes as they played with dolls, up to the age of 14.

“We would wear a dress, put on her shoes,” the UFC champion tells Tatame with admirable frankness. “And because I am very vain about my appearance, and have a high voice, a lot of people were sure I was gay.”

Silva is now to the point where he can joke on the matter as he stands 15 years married with five children. Without the fear of being mocked, Silva now lets his flamboyant personality still come out time to time as seen in his dances back in Pride FC and his recent commercial with Budweiser as he dresses as Uma Therman in Kill Bill with a blonde wig and all.