It appears Anderson Silva is taking offense to Georges St. Pierre‘s expressed confidence in his friend and training partner, Chris Weidman. The welterweight champ was gushing with certainty in an interview with SportsNetCanada just a couple months ago, which you can find by following the aforementioned link.

Silva decided it was time to offer a bit of information we may have not yet heard. During today’s UFC 162 media conference call, the middleweight king was brief and to the point when talking about past opportunities at a super-fight between himself and St. Pierre

“St. Pierre had his chance to pronounce himself fighting me and he chose not to do it. That’s what he chose to say.”

While it’s no secret that St. Pierre has offered every reason underneath the sun about why he can’t make the super-fight happen, he seems to have now stirred Silva’s anger slightly more than usual. It also probably doesn’t help when your boss tells the world that “all the fighters are picking Chris Weidman” or when fellow Brazilian, Roger Gracie, says Weidman can submit Silva.

The top pound-for-pound fighter certainly doesn’t require any extra motivation to show up and do his job, but he has shown an affinity for getting meaner when heated. Whether or not that makes Wediman’s life any more difficult at UFC 162 is yet to be seen. However, one thing is for sure: Motivation for “The Spider” to cut a few extra pounds looks to have intensified.

UFC 162, which takes at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV, goes down on July 6th. Headlined by a middleweight title bout between Silva and Weidman, the card also features the return of Frankie Edgar, as he makes his second appearance at 145 pounds against Charles Oliveira. Fights start at 5pm PST on the FX network with the main event occurring on Pay-Per-View at 7pm PST.