MMA fans have seen heroes fall from grace before — but perhaps none quite like Jon Jones.

The UFC light heavyweight champion (and pound-for-pound entrant) appeared poised to reign for years when out-of-the-cage controversies finally got the better of him — leading to the stripping of his title and an indefinite suspension.

One of Jones’ friends, longtime UFC middleweight champion Anderson “Spider” Silva, was asked for comment by TMZ yesterday.

Asked if the UFC could let Jones back in the fold, Silva was noncommittal.

“Jon Jones is a good boy, a good man,” says Silva. “But you need to keep straight, your focus. I love Jones but he needs to change everything.”

Jones entered a guilty plea to DUI charges in 2012, and tested positive for cocaine last year. Last month, he lost his UFC title and was suspended indefinitely after being charged with felony hit-and-run.

Of course, Silva recently failed a test for performance enhancing agents, and now finds himself facing an unclear future as well.

He wasn’t asked to address that with TMZ, but did answer in the affirmative about plans to continue his second career — as an actor.

“Yes!” Silva smiled. “Kung fu!”

Silva has already dabbled in films and television in recent years; his IMDB page lists several credits, including a recent appearance on NCIS: Los Angeles. The fighter remarked last year to FOX Sports that he wants to be as good an actor as a martial artist.

Here’s a meeting between Silva (and several other MMA standouts) and action movie icon Sylvester Stallone back in 2010: