UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva continues to collect, as he expands his current Nike Brazil sponsorship deal into an international contract deal. Not the first large sponsorship deal for “The Spider” as he reportedly collected $500,000 for his Burger King logo-fitted shorts. According to Silva’s manager Ed Soares, Nike and Anderson Silva are the perfect match, since Silva is considered the “Michael Jordan of MMA.”

“It started off as Nike Brazil, but it has since been made a global deal. I don’t think there’s another mixed martial arts athlete on the planet that deserves that more than Anderson. He’s one of the best athletes out there that fits that mold, the face of Nike. Look at all the people they’ve sponsored. People have compared Anderson as the Michael Jordan of MMA. The best of the best have always had some sort of affiliation with Nike, and I think the brand fits Anderson better than any other MMA athlete in the world.”

It wasn’t that long ago that we learned that UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones had been sponsored by the sports apparel giant. We can now expect both champs to be sporting the infamous swoosh logo as they walk out to the octagon at their upcoming events. Just as Jones’ deal has been kept private, no details have been released as to how much more the champ will now make from this new signing.

Photo by Mike Lee