Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva sent out a message of support to NBA player Paul George recently.

Friday night, George, a standout from the Indiana Pacers, went down in Las Vegas during a scrimmage for Team USA players. George, who played at Fresno State, landed on a leg near the basket post and suffered an instant break.

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Players and coaches immediately stopped the game, tending to George. Silva, who broke his leg in December against Chris Weidman, is scheduled to return to action in January against Nick Diaz, posted a picture of George and a short message on Instagram.

“I had the same injury champ,” Silva wrote. “I know what you are going through right now, but just stay calm and strong, you’ll be back soon.”

George had surgery on Saturday to repair an open tibia-fibula fracture. He is resting in a Las Vegas hospital before plans to return to Indianapolis.

A clip of the George injury can be found below.