In case you didn’t know, Anderson Silva failed his pre-UFC 183 drug test, and was snagged for two anabolic steroids in his system, Drostanolone and Androstane. Fellow main eventer Nick Diaz, who lost to the Brazilian via unanimous decision, failed his post-fight test as well, but just for marijuana. Look, we expect Diaz to fail those things – it actually would have been odd if he had passed – but Silva… Silva was supposed to be better than that, a hero above reproach. His legacy was going to be one of epic accomplishments and successes unsullied by the asterisks of performance-enhancing drugs.

Now it’s all about a legendary legacy lost.

Questions of course are swirling. When did the UFC know? If the drug test was on January 9, why were the results unavailable until days after his January 31 fight? Is this the first time Silva has used PEDs? If not, what does that mean in terms of the magic he’s done for us in the cage?

Drugs are an ugly business, and when the UFC’s top stars – stars such as Chael Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva, et al. – are pissing hot, it tarnishes the sport more than anything else possibly could. But the damage it does to those individuals who’ve done much to elevate and captivate… that’s irreparable. Now, forevermore, we’ll wonder if he was juiced up when a he took out Forrest Griffin in near-supernatural fashion, or if his utter destruction of Sonnen in their second meeting was due to synthetic hormones.

Thanks a lot, Anderson Silva. You were supposed to be special. Sadly, you’re just like the rest.