I’m starting to think Lorenzo Fertitta was the glue that held the UFC together. Because since he sold the organization and departed, there have been a ridiculous amount of fighters who’ve expressed their dissatisfaction with the new regime.

Case in point: Anderson Silva. It’s safe to say the UFC helped secure the Brazilian his legend as a complete and total badass, and he in turn made them a lot of money as their star. But since then… whoa boy, what a decline in employer/employee relationship!

After threatening to retire if he didn’t get a title shot, and being told by Dana White to just retire, Silva had more to say. As per MMAFighting:

“I’ll be honest with you,” Silva continued. “I don’t have any personal problem with him, but the problem is when it affects the fighters, when it affects the fighters that leave home for three months to train, who train hard, who train injured, and who make it all happen … we are the ones who make the show happen, not him. No. He sits there and only books fights and stays there, brother. The truth is that this is a big joke that is happening, and it has to stop.

“This is what I love doing. That’s what I love the most in my life, but I can’t accept this bullsh*t with athletes in our division and athletes in the entire sport. People have to understand that the UFC is not a sport, the UFC is a company. The UFC is not a sport. MMA is a sport. The UFC is just a brand that produces MMA fights.

“One for all, all for one.”