Jon Jones still stands wholeheartedly behind his decision to deny Chael Sonnen at UFC 151, according to his camp. This despite the out-lash from the MMA community as of late. Add another name to the list. During a recent interview in Brazil with the popular television show¬†“Domingao do Faustao,” fellow champ Anderson Silva admitted that he thought Jones should have taken the last minute fight as well.

“You did your entire preparation focused on one guy. When they replace a guy it changes a bit. I thought he could fight Chael, but it’s his call to make. He trained focused on Dan Henderson. His team thought it was better for him not to fight.”

Likely not meant to stir the pot, Silva also expands on why he had wanted to step up and save the card, citing his concern for the fighters on the card, as Silva says he knows what it’s like to be working up the MMA circuit.

“When I heard it, I called Dana (White) and said I’d fight on the light heavyweight division although I wasn’t trained. Besides the big fight there are other fighters relying on that. I worried about the because I’ve been through that in smaller events. Translated via

Could this be the beginning of a possible super fight between Jones vs. Silva?