As fans clamor for a super-fight between middleweight great Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, the match-up is still out of the question according to the ‘aging‘ UFC 153 headline winner.

“I’m old, guys,” Silva said. “I’m getting old. I’m retired. I’m nearly there. I’ve only got another five years.

“I think [GSP] would be a great challenge for me. I prefer him over Jon Jones. He’s smaller. It’ll be a little bit easier. I’ll be hit less.” – ESPN.CO.UK

Not the kind of talk fans appreciate from a champion, but it’s hard to question the man holding the most records in MMA history. Despite what Silva says, UFC president Dana White had guaranteed during the UFC 153 post-fight conference that if the fans want the match, he will convince Silva and Jones financially.

Talks of a super-fight are discouraging to middleweight contenders like Chris Weidman who has come to terms with the possibility that he may not have a chance to fight Silva anytime soon, if ever. Silva himself had said during the post UFC 153 conference that he still has zero interest in top contender Weidman.

‘I think all athletes in this division will get their opportunity in going for the title. I don’t have any intention of fighting with him (Wiedman). I still think he has a lot to do in the UFC. I am in a comfortable position and I am no longer a child, I am 37 years old, he’s a kid that is starting. Obviously, this might happen, but, I have two fights on my contract and I think one of them will be with St. Pierre and I don’t really have an intention in fighting with him (Weidman) because I’m not a fool. I’m already an oldie, you know?’