After a long disciplinary hearing, MMA legend Anderson Silva received his punishment from the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his failed UFC 183 drug tests.

The former middleweight champion, who tested positive for the anabolic steroid drostanolone among other banned substances, has been suspended for one year — retroactive to the January 31 bout.

He is also fined 30% of his purse for the bout, which was $800,000; and forfeits the $200,000 win bonus.

The result of the bout, which was originally a decision victory for Silva, has been overturned to a “no-contest.”

Silva, seen above (left) battling Diaz, testified to the NSAC that he had unknowingly taken the drostanolone — that he ingested the steroid due to a tainted sexual enhancement supplement which he received from a friend based in Thailand. His team pointed out Silva’s advanced age and a past history of successful PED tests.

The commission didn’t buy it. Commissioner Anthony Marnell pointed out that the Diaz bout was the first time Silva underwent “enhanced” testing, including random blood and urine testing in the weeks leading up to the bout, so it’s difficult to weigh previous passed tests.

“We’re missing something here,” Marnell said prior to recommending sentencing. He also implied Silva’s testimony was inconsistent.

Silva will be eligible to fight again in January 2016.