Perhaps something was lost in translation. Even if it was stated in English. UFC president Dana White and former president of the United States, George W. Bush are not brought up in the same sentence often — if ever. However, former UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva was quick to make the connection when talking about ‘control’ in the mixed martial arts community.

“I think that Dana could let me tryout in Taekwondo for the 2016 Olympic Games and let me fight Roy,” Silva told Roda Viva in Brazil, “but if he let me do that, he would need to let other fighters do their things, so he would lose control.”

“[Dana White] is a big dad, but we have our fights all the time,” he continued. “He’s the Bush of MMA.”

If you are unaware of the context of Silva talking about boxing or olympic competition, it is a long running dream that Silva has voiced on numerous occasions. Dreams that he’d require White’s approval in order to fulfill.

“My biggest goal as a fighter is (fight Roy Jones Jr. in boxing),” Silva maintains. “I watched him compete for many years and it’s a personal dream to fight against him. He said he also wants to fight me, and it would be a great experience.” – MMAFighting

Perhaps Silva is out-of-date on who the current president of the United States is. Either that or many will likely consider this a insult as “W” was not the most popular president.