UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva has released a ‘tell-all’ biography in Rio de Janeiro this week regarding his trials and tribulations on the road to becoming the superstar he is today. In the book Silva touches on a dark time in his life that he now regrets. Silva recalls teaching jiu-jitsu at the famed Chute Boxe Academy in Curtiba, Brazil for famed coach Rafael Cordeiro while struggling with finances. Following a heated dispute that ended with Silva being slapped by his then employer, Silva took to drastic measures.

Silva admits that while accompanied by two friends, he armed himself with a shotgun and went to a location where Cordeiro was expected to be. Luckily Silva’s consorts lost their nerves and talked Silva out of his rash plot.

Today the two are great friends as Silva can be found training in Long Beach at Cordeiro’s Kings MMA gym.

Silva recently had been confronted by his son regarding his actions, as the news hit the internet.

“I didn’t tell him. I think he will have to read the book. I ended up visiting some website because my son said: ‘Dad, did you see what is on the internet? They are saying that you tried to kill Rafael!’ I said, ‘Calm, let me see what is it about and then I will call you back!’” he related.

“But I speak the truth in the book. That was a phase in my life in which I had nothing but the gift God gave me to give classes and I almost did a foolishness.”

Summarizing the book , Silva explained, “The biography says the truth of everything that happened since my childhood until this moment. It documents day-to-day frustrations, what is good, what is bad, and how is bad to stay away from the family. The book tells my life.”