And still reigning champ, Anderson Silva (28-11-1). It was an action-packed night that ended in favor of the champ in Las Vegas, NV. Here is the full play-by-play of the main event as it unraveled.

Round One:
Quick double leg takedown for Sonnen and we are looking at round six. Silva captures the left arm with an  overhook. Chael is working it to the cage. Chael passes to halfguard. Silva is holding with a body lock.  Sonnen attempts a keylock submission and sneaks two punches and is now getting elbowed. Sonnen is now in mount and very dominant first round finishes for Sonnen.

Round Two:
Sonnen drives it to the cage, but no takedown yet. Sonnen changes levels going for the single and Silva keeps it standing. Spinning back fist misses and Sonnen trips and Anderson rushes forward and lands a with a knee to the chest of Sonnen. Sonnen eats a few hammer fists and it’s all she wrote.

Official: Anderson Silva defeats Cheal Sonnen via TKO – Round 2 – 1:55

Silva continues to be undefeated since 2006 when he suffered a DQ to Yushin Okami, which was recently avenged. That is 16 straight wins in MMA; ten of which were title defenses. There is absolutely no question that Anderson Silva stands as the greatest fighter of all time. Should Jon Jones look to change that, it will take many years to come to touch the mystique that is Anderson Silva.