Following the jaw dropping knockout finish of Anderson Silva at the hands of Chris Weidman, we heard a somber Silva tell the crowd that he is no longer interested in fighting for the belt. Completely understandable, as Joe Rogan put it best — carrying the weight of being the greatest fighter in the world for so many years is no easy mystique to uphold. You can only red-line your body in camp for so long before it wears out or no longer has the desire to continue.

UFC president Dana White is not sold on the comments of Silva. During the UFC 162 post-fight press conference, White was quick to say this with a grin.

“Anderson Silva doesn’t know what it’s like to lose. It’s been a very long time since he lost. I’m sure that’s sinking in. He’s got to deal with that a few days. I guarantee you there is nothing he wants more then that rematch.”