After years of dominating the UFC middleweight division, champ Anderson Silva doesn’t seem to have the interest in continually proving to be the king of the 185 pounders. During a recent interview with Guilherme Cruz of Tatame Magazine, Silva started off on the topic of Chris Weidman’s denial of a title fight in 2012; then veering off into talks of vacating the title in order to take on new challenges. Superfight anyone?

“Everything has it’s time. (Weidman) will have his opportunity to fight for the belt. Maybe I fight next before he gets the shot, I lose and he fights someone else. We don’t know. I can fight Bonnar, lose and say: ‘you know what, I don’t want it anymore.’ Or maybe I win and way ‘I don’t want this anymore.’ Or maybe drop to welterweight or move up to heavyweight. Anything can happen. Every UFC fighter will have their chance. You have to work and wait for your opportunity. I hope [Georges St. Pierre is] my next fight. I believe everybody wants to see that fight. I have to be careful. I’ll be heavier, slower and weaker than Bonnar. I have to believe I can KO him, but that’s tough. I hope I can do a great good fight for the fans, but that’s not easy.”

Thoughts of going to welterweight or heavyweight may seem like exaggerated claims by the champ, but it’s hard to deny the abilities of the pound for pound great in any MMA endeavor. You have to admit that a JDS vs. Silva bout would be an intriguing match-up. From the sound of it, Silva has his mind set on a St-Pierre ‘superfight’ as he continually harps on the subject.