Looks like the bond of a fellow countrymen outweighs that of a new friend for middleweight champ Anderson Silva. During a recent interview with SporTV’s “Bem, Amigos!,” Silva spoke on the upcoming Jones versus Belfort match.

“It’s difficult, because Jon Jones has a larger-than-normal wingspan and he’s still very young,” Silva said when asked what Belfort needs to do in order to win the title. “He’s still in the phase where he’s playing during the fight, really, but he doesn’t have the responsibility of a champion.”

“He fights with delight, jokingly, striking like I did back in 1990, when I started,” joked Silva. “Vitor has a great chance to defeat him. The biggest factor for Vitor is to use his explosiveness and his jiu-jitsu, where he is very good. But I think when one of them makes a mistake, the other will end up striking.”

Silva does admit that he is biased in his choice, even though he is friends with Jones, he still will be looking for another title coming back to Brazil.

“As a Brazilian, I’ll be rooting for the Brazilian, even though I have a very good friendship with Jon Jones,” said Silva. “Whenever I’m with him, I ask him to conduct his career in a different way, because he is very young and is always asking me something. But I’ll be rooting for Brazil, yes. May the best man win, but I’m rooting for Brazil.”

The big question that was on everyone’s mind, would we ever see a Silva versus Jones super-fight? Not at this time it seems…

“We’re in different weight classes and there are teammates from Team Nogueira who may face him,” Silva said, referring to ex-champ Lyoto Machida. “We have a code of conduct in our team, and I respect that a lot.”