The 36-year-old UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva explains that he still has been dealing with nagging shoulder and back injuries. The Spider had attempted to make a recent return to his camp after a five month rehab, but found he was still not ready. With age also comes a slower healing process said Anderson.

After about four or five months I went back to training. I’m always doing some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training in a gi with the guys so I keep everything well-adjusted, but due to the injuries to my shoulder and back, I’m a little slow. I’m doing physical therapy and nursing it enough so when I’m really back training there aren’t any injuries that hinder me. It’s a job all athletes have to do, you work at prevention. From doing therapy all the time to correcting posture and breathing to avoid the injuries.

But no matter how much I did, I ended up hurt. First with my shoulder and now with my back. You reach a certain age where you don’t heal as fast, so you have to take your time. I don’t want anything to be wrong when I come back to the real hard training. I’ll continue doing physical therapy until the pain goes away and I’ll keep up the workouts.”

Silva is expected to return to the cage this summer in a rematch against Chael Sonnen in his home country of Brazil.