We continue to hear word from Anderson Silva that the fight between Georges St-Pierre and himself will definitely happen. During an interview with ESPN, the consistent ‘super-fight’ question was bought up. Silva still seems adamant that despite if St-Pierre loses his title, the fight will take place.

“I hope this is my next fight. We want to do a super-fight. I drop a little weight and he goes up a little. It is going to happen anyway, it is Dana White’s wish. I think fighting him makes all the sense as well because he is a great name of the sport. As a UFC athlete I want to fight the best and St-Pierre is one of them. Then we try to put on a good show for the fans.”

Should the fight take place with both men as champions, the divisions will be subjected to a bottleneck of top contenders. But with the possibility of the UFC rising to the next level in mains-team exposure, it should be an easy choice for the organization to make. Cowboy Stadium sound like a good location?