Following Jason ‘Mayhem’ Millers arrest in Orange County, CA on suspicion of burglary of a church (nude), the MMA talent posted a $20,000 bail, as the case remains open.

“Generally, and (Miller’s) case hasn’t come to us yet, if the defendant is arrested and they remain in custody, they are generally, or they need to be, arraigned in a couple of days of their arrest, if they remain in custody,” Orange County District Attorney spokesperson Farrah Emami told

“If they post bail and they are released, then that gives the police department additional time to continue their investigation. When (the defendant) posts bail they are given a date to appear (in Orange County Superior Court).

“Generally, before that date, the case will be presented to the district attorney’s office and then we will review it to determine if criminal charges are appropriate. At this point, the case has not been submitted to our office.”

It is not known when Miller must appear in court.

Miller has taken to Facebook to assure his ‘Mayhem Monkeys’ fan base that he is fine now.

“I know you all are probably very confused about me right now, and concerned for my well being. I thank you for that, and please unnastand that everything is fine, and will probably make a lot more sense as time passes. Love you all.”

Via Twitter, the introspective rants from Miller continued.

You can judge me if you want, hate me if you want, say anything you want. This is Amareca, you have rights. Just don’t Harm anyone.

I have walked down much harder roads than this, many times before. I don’t want you to waste thumb energy protecting me, or bashing me.

religion has brought amazing things to the world, you cannot disrespect such an enormous force-Do not bash what has helped humanity survive

on the stupidity of a young man at a challenging time in his life I know I bashed faith as a youth, but YouTube is temp, the Trueth is real

I did some socially unacceptable things last Sunday, that, for some reason has got some of you to hate me, even though at one time you loved

I am caring for myself-if everyone turns their back on me, and you never see me on tv again, that is fine with me-I like living in the woods

But while working with those less fortunate than myself, I have come to realize, WE are all crazy. America is crazy. I just want to shift it

Not a cry for attention, personal glory, or monetary Gain. I did that in my time fighting for the @UFC and Have come to see I was wrong

I am safe, with people that love me, and hope that you will join me. If I ever hurt anyone, I am sorry.