UFC Fight Night 62: Maia vs. LaFlare has seen quite a bit of action go down, but when it came to the lone ladies’ bout on the card, what we were witness to was more of a slaughter than a fair contest. Brazilian striker Amanda Nunes took on aged submission specialist Shayna Baszler, and, well, it was ugly.

For all of one minutes and 56 seconds, Nunes lit her American opponent up with kicks to the leg and punches to the face, until one kick found the sweet spot on Baszler’s knee and caused her to crumple to the canvas in agony. As a point of reference, it ended pretty much the same way Pedro Rizzo vs. Dan Severn did (back at UFC 27) – and it left a similar bad taste in the mouth.

Folks, Baszler is a women’s MMA pioneer who’s been around the block more than once and done her fair share to grow the sport. But she’s lost miserably in her two lone Octagon appearances, and in the five times she’s fought since defeating Elaina Maxwell back in 2010, Baszler has won once. ONCE.

She needs to call it quits. And not just from the UFC, but from fighting in general. She is a shadow of her former self who can no longer withstand punishment, and she moves at about one-third of the speed she did in her younger years.

We’ve seen plenty of male fighters get too old for competition before our very eyes. Now we’re seeing a veteran female fighter sail through the sky on the same sad trajectory.

Shayna, please retire.