It’s a sad state of affairs when one impressive win automatically leads to talk of a shot at a title, but here we are, discussing Amanda Nunes and her prospects against champ Ronda Rousey.

At last night’s UFC Fight Night 73, the Brazilian bomber detonated some serious TNT in the face of former contender Sara McMann, and while the Olympic wrestler was still struggling to regain her senses, Nunes easily took her back and tapped her out with a choke. The facts are thus:

  • Since her Octagon debut, McMann was heralded as someone whose credentials could possibly make her the Kryptonite to Rousey’s Olympic judo. But she was a boring lay-and-prayer, so she’s been working on her striking.
  • That probably led to a bit of overconfidence against Nunes, because Nunes IS a striker, and when McMann missed a kick and kept her hands low, Nunes clobbered her.
  • Nunes was on track to being a top contender until she mat Cat Zingano at UFC 178. Zingano essentially was better at being a Nunes than Nunes was (i.e., a better, more durable face-pounder).
  • Rousey has cleaned out the division so thoroughly, the most viable opponent for her now is Miesha Tate in yet another rematch. Rousey won convincingly both times before.

Sadly, the ultimate question is “Well, who else is going to face Rousey?” The answer: If it ain’t Cyborg, it might as well be someone who at least looked good in their last fight.

Nunes now fits that bill. Rousey will slaughter her, but what can you do?