Aljamain Sterling has made it very clear he’s not happy with how much he’s being paid, and entered into the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 80 tonight riding the last fight on his contract.

Thankfully for him, he dominated opponent Johnny Eduardo, and handily put him away with a beastly guillotine in the latter part of the second round.

“Aljo” has yet to find his groove striking, but he’s creative as hell, and kept pecking away at Eduardo with kicks from every angle imaginable. However, once Sterling shot for a takedown, it was all about the Matt Serra student beating his foe like he was a bowl full of eggs.

Eduardo had nothing in terms of escape routes. He survived on sheer toughness.

Round 2 played out in similar fashion – weird striking followed by a takedown and a beating – only this time Sterling seemed to remember that he was on the cusp of being a free agent, and he jumped into a guillotine that could’ve ripped off Eduardo’s head if he didn’t tap.

And now Aljo is a free agent. Undefeated, with finishes in the UFC… will they pony up and pay him mas deniro?