Alexandre Pantoja and Brandon Moreno first met during TUF 24, which neither guy ended up winning, although on the show Pantoja did beat Moreno by submission.

Now they’re meeting again, and since those days, Moreno has seen one heck of a push by the UFC that resulted in him headlining a UFC event in Mexico. Who takes it this time?

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Usually, Moreno’s striking is colorful and dangerous. Pantoja is unimpressed though, and proceeds to beat the ever-lovin’ crap out of the Mexican fighter. Just about every time Moreno starts to move like he’s about to strike, Pantoja simply steps in and blasts him, and Moreno is a mess by the end of the surely 10-8 round.

There are grappling sequences, which, given Pantoja’s expertise on the ground, are totally about him putting Moreno is mucho danger. And in Rounds 2 and 3, Moreno does manage to score with a punch or kick here or there. But man, he takes a whoopin’. Pantoja simply has his number.

Results: Alexandre Pantoja def. Brandon Moreno via Unanimous Decision