The injury bug must have been hungry, because it just took a huge bite out of UFC on Fuel TV 9. Less than a week before the event, Alexander Gustafsson has suffered a cut in training and is now likely going to be out of the main event against Strikeforce import Gegard Mousasi. While the rest of the card has some interesting match-ups, none of them can really support a main event. The co-main event is a fight between Ross Pearson and Ryan Couture, which would be a hard sell outside of the last name Couture.

Obviously, the easiest thing to do would to put another fighter in place of Gustafsson, but the question is who would be the best person to step up. It is unlikely someone the caliber of Lyoto Machida or Wanderlei Silva would step up despite their fight schedule being open. The best choice would most likely be Phil Davis.

Davis is a fighter who has headlined major cards, been in the top ten for a while, and is the only person who has ever beaten Gustafsson. Plus, he has a fight lined up for UFC 159, which is only a few weeks away, and while the fight would still be on short notice, hopefully his weight is close enough that he could cut it. Beyond that there are not many other options for the UFC to hold this card together.

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