Alexander Gustafsson (pictured above right) proudly represents Sweden in the UFC. The light heavyweight contender, whose record stands at 16-3, is one of few Scandinavians in MMA’s world stage.

But until recently, the Stockholm native enjoyed his pre-fight training camps in San Diego, CA with Alliance MMA.

In a press conference in Houston, TX for Saturday’s UFC 192 event, Gustafsson answered why he made the switch to enjoying “home cooking” for his upcoming bout with Daniel Cormier, where Gustafsson will vie for Cormier’s UFC light heavyweight title.

“I haven’t trained at Alliance MMA because I feel like I’ve been traveling my whole career, and we have such good resources back in Stockholm now,” Gustafsson said. “I did one camp for Jimi Manuwa in Stockholm. So we just decided to stay home and be in those surroundings you know. It’s home, and we’ve been bringing in some tough guys.”

While Gustafsson didn’t note who his sparring partners are in Stockholm, he says he’s as ready as he’s ever been for a MMA bout.

“I just had the camp of my life,” he continued. “Team Alliance has been involved in the camp; they haven’t actually been there but Coach Eric Del Fierro has been talking every day, giving training advice and stuff.”

Gustafsson also visited nearby Chechnya recently, hoping to increase his proficiency in his opponent’s specialty.

“I’ve also been in Chechnya for wrestling,” he said. “A lot of beasts over there and a lot of medals on the mat.”

Here is a video of the press event, provided by MMA Fighting: