Following a first round KO at 4:59 in front of his home country this past weekend, Jose Aldo has been put among the top pound-for-pound mixed martial artist. As the featherweight division thins, the press and fans alike have called to see how Aldo would fend at the 155 lb. limit. According to Aldo’s coach Andre Pederneiras, Aldo would do it, but only should there be an instant title shot.

If it depends on me, it won’t happen,” Pederneiras said. “Unless he leaves the team to train somewhere else and someone agrees with that, because I will not,” the coach joked in an interview with “It won’t happen for now, unless he goes straight for a title shot. Not, ‘Oh no, he left the featherweight belt, moved up to lightweight and started from the beginning,’ no way.”

“The staff of the academy trains every day for this, and Aldo has been training since he came to MMA,. This training wasn’t done in three months, but over five years. So, he put into practice what he has done in these three months, the physical, and that was it.”

In a repeat of his celebration at WEC 38 in San Diego, Aldo sped out of the cage as soon as the fight was stopped and dashed into the crowd at Rio’s HSBC Arena, where he was engulfed by a sea of his ecstatic countrymen.

“I expected him to do something stupid, especially here,” Pederneiras laughed, producing from his pocket the Flamengo soccer jersey which Aldo was supposed to wear after the win. “He did [the same thing] in San Diego and he had to hear a lot from the commission staff. But here, with all that crowd, I knew.”

Source: Sherdog