This isn’t the first time Jose Aldo voiced his disagreement with the UFC’s choice to allow Anthony Pettis fight him for the title in his debut at featherweight. The champ may have since accepted the challenge, yet he is still adamant that it is not the “fair” decision.

“I think it can be a valid approach, but not when someone drops from the weight class above to immediately challenge the champion,” said Aldo. “There are already various contenders within the weight class. If someone just shows up and immediately challenges for the belt, he’s cutting in line, and everyone sees that.

“I don’t think it’s fair. I think if you’re going to drop down, then prove yourself by first having great fights within the weight class, and then you’ve earned the right to fight for the belt. That’s how I think. But since we’re already booked, no problem. I’ll just go and win that fight.”

However, if Jose Aldo can get past Pettis, he is planning to take the same course of action and “jump” into a title fight at lightweight. From the sound of it, accepting the bout was in order to setup future “super-fights” for the champ.

“If everyone is cutting in line, I might as well do the same thing,” said Aldo. “I’d like to move up one division and have an immediate title shot. We took the Pettis fight with this in mind.”

“It’s [set]. Exactly. We put that in (the contract). It’s black and white. When we accepted the Pettis fight, we brought that up right away. Since everyone wants to cut into our line, let’s cut into theirs too.”

“I like challenges. My life’s been nothing but challenges. It’s just another one in my career. Thank God I’m going through this. It makes me very happy. The next challenge is always the biggest. Pettis will be the biggest. After I’m done with him, there will be another. That’s my life.” – MMAJunkie