The UFC featherweight champ José Aldo (21-1) continues his reign, as he takes out the formerly undefeated top contender Chad Mendes (11-1) via KO with only one second left in the first at UFC 142 in Rio, Brazil.  Here is the full fight play by play.

Round One:
They touch gloves. Aldo pops a jab to start. Mendes throws his low leg that lands. Aldo throws a harder leg kick. Perfect timing double attempted as Aldo throws a jab. Aldo able to shake him off though. The two feint punches. Mendes grabs a single leg after eating an uppercut, and still unable to finish. Mendes goes for the single again and Aldo slips again. Mendes staying out of reach shooting in with power shots. Aldo comes forward and Mendes catches the hips and unable to get the takedown. Second try, Aldo clearly holds the fence to stop the takedown. Mendes with the back goes for the suplex. KO knee comes out of nowhere at 4.59 with 1 sec. left in the round.

Aldo has just ran into the crowd and has disappeared into the crowd and they are now swarming the champ.The crowd carries Aldo back to the Octagon.

Aldo has now successfully made his fifth title defense (including WEC), along with continuing a now 14 fight win-streak , stemming from May of 2006. The